Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rooster v. Amy Round 1

Due to the cold weather, Gul has been putting the chickens (and my rooster-foe) in the garden.  She doesn't want them wandering off in the fog and getting hit by a car.  So this past week, I've been safe from the unwanted attention from male fowl.  
Nevertheless, the rooster always kept me in his sight following me as I cross the yard going to and from the gate.  It was a bit amusing, and I might have teased him a bit, feeling safe with the feathered fiend on the other side of the fence.
That, however, changed today.  After my afternoon run, I came back to find Gul planting strawberry plants in the garden (now home to the chickens).  I, foolishly, decided to join her to keep her company and to see what was going on.  As I approached, I could her the rooster's approach as he tailed me across the garden.  When his sound was too close, I would turn and glare at him and stop him in his tracks.
Everything was fine until it was time to go back into the house.  Crossing back through the garden, I had to face the rooster head on -- a move too aggressive for the red menace.  As soon as I was in attacking range, he flew into motion.  Admittedly he used much more force than I was expecting, but I was shocked.  
Did he really think he was going to take me down?  Morever, does my leg look like any kind of opponent?  Seriously, I've seen roosters fight each here in Azerbaijan -- mini-battles for yard supremacy, but cockfighting my leg?  It's like a one-sided battle with a post of something.  
I'm guessing the battle ended in a draw.  I'm still standing and not defeated, although he got both of my pant legs muddy (I'll have chicken feet mark on my pants as battle scars until my pants are washed).  However, he's still standing too.   While he waits for his next opportunity to attack, I will try to learn more deflection manoeuvres.  

We have both lived to fight another day.