Friday, October 30, 2009

Rooster v. Amy Round 2 - The End

This morning the rooster chased me out of the gate on my way to school.  Sighing, I thought, two more months of rooster-fun.  Thank goodness, I'm wearing my wool stockings.  I'd be pissed if he attacks my leg again and rips my tights.  (I'm more worried that he's going to rip my tights more than draw blood.)  The weather is foggy, dreary, and cold, and I'm in no mood to play with the rooster-fiend, so I head quickly out the gate.  The red rooster crows his victory.

When I come home from the school, the yard is quiet.  I don't take anything for granted because the rooster is very quick and will take me by surprise.  In my high heels, I traversed the muddy, rocky yard, listening for his steps.  Nothing.  Hmm, maybe Gul has just fed them.  

I quickly dressed for my afternoon run wanting to get it in before the fog got any thicker.  Gul caught me before I left.  "The rooster," she said, "is gone.  I gave him away."  "Where does he live now?" I asked.  Confused, she shook her head.  "No, Amy, we killed it and gave it to my sister."

What?  No good-byes?  My rooster-fiend is dead.  Somehow life was more interesting with an antagonist.  Alas, our conflict was short-lived, but I will remember you, red menace.  

Final score:  I still don't know.  The rooster definitely lost this round, but I don't think I can claim victory. 

Azerbaijani lesson learned: Red roosters are pretty, but they will hit you.  Thanks Gul!